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Our Mobile technology allows your guests to bid on the silent auction Prizes or simply make a donation to the Charity from the Comfort of their own Smartphones.

 Globexpert Mobile technology is simple and offers a personalised user experience. Guests are safe in the knowledge that their personal choices are  treated in the same confidential way as any traditional brochure/iPad offering and our advanced reporting feature allows us to track all new bids.


This service avoids guests from being limited to a small number  of  iPads placed on each table and work perfectly alongside the Auction Brochures.


Guests can take part before, during and after the event and even  those that cannot attend your event can still participate.


As with all of our Fundraising  platforms, we will provide an exclusive and broad range of prizes, experiences and gifts  which can include your own donated prizes.


We pride  ourselves in supporting all Charities completely “Free of Charge”

no matter how big or small.

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