Globexpert Ltd - T/A as Globexpert Fundraising

Terms & Conditions

Please note that the terms laid out on this page operate alongside the terms associated with the event you attended/are attending.

Experiences & Prizes Purchased at Events:

- Unless stated, flights or other additional transport methods are not included for each prize sold

- A receipt will be given to all successful Winners upon Full Payment

- To benefit the charity up to three prizes from each lot can be made available. In this instance normally the top bidders will be successful.

- All purchases/donations  are Non-Refundable due to funds being transferred immediately post event to the Charity / event organiser & respective Suppliers. In exceptional circumstances prizes may be exchanged on a like-for-like basis due to forced majeure or death (within 7 days of purchase)

- All experiences have a 9 month validity period (unless otherwise stated)

- All Villa holidays are valid for 12 months (unless otherwise stated)

- Once experience vouchers and Prizes from third party providers and companies are produced and sent to you , all liabilities are the “sole” responsibility of the experience providers and yours to check with them at the point of  contact / receipt / booking or use . 

- Globexpert Fundraising does not accept responsibility for any third party company or experience provider under any circumstances.