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Silent Auction Fundraising

Why choose
a Silent Auction

Whether you are an experienced event organiser or doing this for the first time,
we at Globexpert are on hand to help and guide you towards success with our hassle free Silent Auction service.

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Our silent auction service helps you to raise extra vital funds for your chosen charity.


The Silent Auction Service runs in the background while you get to enjoy your event.


Our professional staff are trained to deal with the needs of your guests on the day answering any questions, processing prize payments and ensuring receipts are given out to all participants.

 We  create a bespoke fundraising brochure for each of your guests filled with eye-catching prizes supplied completely FREE (and can also include some of your donated items)

 We take care of all deliveries, post-event admin and guarantee prompt payment of Charity funds

within 7 working days. 

We also provide a Silent Auction Smartphone and iPad* Service

*Subject to event criteria being met.​

What is
a Silent Auction

A silent auction is a type of fundraising activity in which items, services, or experiences are offered for bid without the presence of an auctioneer actively calling out bids. Instead of a traditional live auction where participants openly compete with each other by raising their bids, in a silent auction, participants write down their bids on paper brochures or electronic devices associated with the items on display.


Here's how a silent auction generally works:

  1. Item Display: Items up for auction are typically displayed on tables or in designated areas.

  2. Brochures: Each item is listed in the fundraising brochure with a description, images and an indicated reserve price. Participants interested in a particular item write their bid amount, along with their name and table number, on the brochure.

  3. Bidding Period: Silent auctions have a predetermined timeframe during which participants can submit their bids. This could be several hours during an event or over a few days for online auctions.

  4. Minimum Bid: Some auctions set a minimum bid amount for each item, and participants are required to bid above that amount. 

  5. Outbidding: Due to the nature of Silent Auctions, participants are encouraged to write down their maximum bid, this is because other bids are concealed.

  6. Winning Bids: When the bidding period concludes, the highest bidder for each item wins. Our event staff will notify the winning bidders by approaching their tables.

  7. Payment and Collection: When the winners are informed payment is collected immediately by our team. Depending on the prize, winners will be able to collect the item or have it delivered to their homes post-event.

Silent auctions are often used by non-profit organisations, charities, schools, and other groups to raise funds for various purposes. They provide a more relaxed and less competitive atmosphere compared to live auctions, allowing participants to carefully consider their bids without the pressure of fast-paced bidding. Silent auctions can take place in person at physical events, as well as online through dedicated platforms or websites.

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