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Top Tips for Choosing a Venue!

Choosing a venue is arguably one of the most important steps when arranging your Charity Ball / Event.

Finding the perfect venue can be the deciding factor for making your fundraising a success! Too large? and the event may feel soulless... Too small? and you may have to let some guests down!

Below are some top tips to help you get on track!

1. The Cost

Know exactly what’s included before signing the dotted line. Don’t be afraid to negotiate either. Being flexible on the date can help, as certain days of the week usually cost less. Remember to always confirm dates, times and details in a written contract.

2. The Location

Make sure the Venue you choose is convenient for both your guests and yourself! Too far away and you may put off guests from purchasing tickets and attending. Also, make sure that transport links are good and there is parking available. If you are expecting guests to stay over nearby, a Hotel venue may be a good idea!

3. Capacity

Make sure your venue is right for your event, try to estimate the amount of guests who will attend and find a suitably sized space - a full room will give a great atmosphere. Likewise, a large room with few tables can give a very cold atmosphere.

4. Style

The most important part of organising a Charity Ball is to raise money for the Charity. Decorating a room can considerably eat in to your budget, therefore reducing your total proceeds.

Finding a space which needs little decoration will help to keep your costs down.

5. Layout

Make sure that your Venue has all the space needed to fulfill your event requirements.

Is there space for a Stage & Dance floor? Is there a separate room for a drinks reception? All of these aspects are extremely important to help keep an organised structure during the event.

6. Catering

Consider your catering needs? Will you be required to use external caterers or can the venue offer a meal within the price of the hire? If so, it is worth checking that dietary requirements can be met and it is a great idea to have a tasting session to check the food quality. There is nothing worse than your guests not being happy with their meals.

If you like the food, chances are your guests will too!

7. On Site Facilities & Services

Hidden Extras can sometimes lead to unwanted surprises. Make sure you check all of the venues Services before you sign. Some Examples include:

- Parking

- Drinks Reception Area

- Cloak Room

- In House Security

- Alcohol Licenses

- Noise / Other Restrictions

- Extra Fees? Such as Cancellation or Corkage

8. Events Manager

Make sure you have a go to person at your venue that you can speak to during the planning process and ensure they will be on hand during the event to help with any surprises. Having someone to help with the organisation can really make a difference to having a smooth operation.


Globexpert Fundraising can assist with the process of organising your Charity Event. Our services range from Consultation through to Execution.

Contact us for more information: 01604 801202 or:

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