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Thank you for your interest in becoming a
trusted partner with Globexpert Fundraising

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Globexpert's trusted partners can claim a referral fee up to £500 cash for every charity fundraising event.

Alternatively, you can choose one of our exciting experiences and holidays.

You can redeem your reward immediately otherwise collect multiple rewards and go on an amazing holiday or exclusive experience.Simply sign up and explore our dedicated partner's referral rewards platform. Discover what charities receive from us, click here

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Terms & Conditions

- Rewards are calculated at £1 per guest attending events using Globexpert's Charity Fundraising services

- Points will be added to your online wallet which can be redeemed for cash or prize alternatives.

- Points will only be added to your wallet once the event has taken place and the number of guests in attendance has been verified by a member of Globexpert's fundraising team present on the day of the event.
(We provide photographic evidence of attendance)

- All points must be used within a 24-month period before expiration.


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