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Talk To Us!

Call us on +44 01604801202 or shoot us an email at One of our friendly and experienced (and best of all, impartial) Account Managers will be available to help you find the perfect sponsorship package, presenter, prizes or Auctioneer for your charity event.


Receiving your Requests

Once we've understood your requirements, we'll put together a shortlist of relevant, exciting and eye-opening options for your charity event. We speak to charity event organisers for a living – day in, day out – so it's safe to say that our standards are high.


Get your Free Advice!

We work hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of your brief, what makes your audience tick, and your overarching goals for an event - so make the most of free expert advice. Whether this is your 1st or 500th event, there are no stupid questions, so ask away!


Confirmation Agreement

Once the details of the booking are ironed out and confirmed, we all sign on the dotted line to set the agreed terms in stone for both parties. No handshakes or rigid contracts here – our agreements offer you security, transparency, peace of mind and protection ensuring your charity event will run smoothly




We don’t like nasty surprises. Your Fundraising Manager will look after all travel arrangements relating to the staff attending your charity event. For ultimate ease and no surprises (apart from pleasant ones). We like to ensure everyone is present and set up before your guests arrive with plenty of time to spare



The pre-event Briefing

The charity event is a few weeks away which means… it’s briefing time! Your Fundraising manager will host a comprehensive call with you. This provides the perfect opportunity to go through everything in more detail together and make sure we are on track, taking notes and making sure all critical areas are discussed.



The Big Day (and beyond)

We want you to feel confident that everything will go smoothly on the day of the event. We are available 24/7 to address any further questions or concerns, and we make sure to equip both yourself and the team with an events checklist containing all the crucial information needed in the immediate lead-up and for during the charity event.

Show time!



Post Event

Following your event we will contact you within 3 Working Days with a full breakdown of the Fundraising.

All Winners are Contacted and Prizes are swiftly delivered. Finally, the Money raised is transferred to your nominated bank account within 5 working days. 

After Event Consultation... 


We don’t just leave you high and dry – we always follow up after the charity event to make sure everything goes as planned. We take all your feedback on board to make sure that we keep our customer service top-notch, and that we continuously learn and improve. Moving forward, you will have a dedicated Fundraising Manager who will get to know you and your events, ready to assist with anything else in the pipeline!

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