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8 Ways To Sell More Tickets & Unlock Your Event's Full Potential

Once you have decided on your event, selling tickets can often be the biggest concern for some event organisers.

Below, we share some great tips to help with your ticket sales

1) Create Different Types of Tickets & Offer Discount Incentives

When deciding on the ticketing platform to use, make sure that different options can be selected - e.g. £75 per Person or £600 for a table of 10

This is a great way to sell more tickets and fill full tables.

2) Use Your Own Marketing Means To Advertise

A great way to market your event is to use your own marketing space, most people have email signatures - why not add a link to your ticket page? Alternatively add a page to your own website if you have one!

3) Create A Strong Band & Identity

Maximise your event by creating a striking visual brand to catch your customers eye! An event with a strong brand will attract more guests each and every year. Ensure that your marketing material (Posters, Website, Flyers, Tickets) follow the same branding. This will help build a great reputation for your event and future proof your plans!

4) Start Marketing Next Year's Event As Soon As This Years Has Finished

There is no better time to engage and sell tickets for next years event than when you have a captive audience all in the same room. Make sure that you have made preparations to announce the "Following Years" Event and be in a position to make bookings.

5) Ask for Referrals... Word of Mouth is the Most Powerful Tool you have!

Offering a Referral scheme to attending guests is a sure way to increase numbers examples could include:

"Free Entrance to the Prize Raffle for You and Your Friend upon Referral"

6) Create a Competition on Social Media

Competitions are a proven way to increase interaction on social media posts. Why not start a Facebook Group for your event and offer a competition to WIN FREE tickets to everyone who "Shares & Likes" the post.

This is a very powerful way to contact new people and spread the word of your event.

7) Create an email Newsletter

If you have your event listed on your own website try to obtain potential guest details by adding a "Subscribe to Newsletter" Section. By Sending a regular newsletter to your subscribers will ensure that they remember you and that you are at the forefront of their minds. Guests love to know what work is going on in the background and you can also offer Early Bird Discounts on Tickets to Subscribers.

8) Create Event Appropriate Content

Similar to TIP 7, event content such as Blog Posts, Video Clips, Social Media Live Feeds etc is a direct way to keep your customers up to date with the forthcoming event. This may include Messages from Patrons & Supporters, Hints at Entertainment Acts or Simple updates relating to the organisation of the event... the aim is to stay current and in everyone's mind!

Finishing Up

There are plenty of ways to increase your event ticket sales but the trick is to find the right combination of strategies that work best for your event brand and target audience.

For help with your Charity Event, Contact us on: 01604 801202 or

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