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The Indisputable Advantage that Globexpert Fundraising Auction Items Have Over Donated Auction Prize

There has been an ongoing debate among Charities, Organiser’s & Committees

about the relative merits of donated auction prizes compared to Globexpert

Fundraising auction prizes. One common position is that donated prizes have a zero-

cost basis, so the amount of money raised is the amount of the winning bid.  Those

in favour of using Globexpert Fundraising Auction prizes believe that they are a lot

more interesting and bring more excitement to the auction experience for the

bidders. Fundraising donated prizes tend to be more traditional and much the same in every

other auction people have attended before.

There is a different advantage that one of our customers recently mentioned to us

that was interesting.  She said that the reason she recommended Globexpert

Fundraising auction prizes for her organization’s fundraising events is that since

they can be sold multiple times at auction, they can raise more money with them

than they can with donated prizes. We at Globexpert Fundraising have certainly had

customers sell an item multiple times at a significant profit. For example, a recent

Charity auction for an organization benefiting people needing help and providing

hope located in Bournemouth sold our Bali Trip 4 times and our French trip twice,

netting over £8,000 in funds for the Charities programs.

This is something that can’t be done with a donated prize because the donated

prize, by its very nature is donated just the one time.


*If you are unsure about how an auction item can be sold more than once to

increase auction proceeds, please email us or call

01604801202 and ask one of our fundraising consultants for assistance.


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