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When speaking with our customers,the most common question often asked is why?

- Why do I need to consider different fundraising methods?

- Why do I need to rethink my event structure?

- Why do I need Globexpert Fundraising?

As a fundraiser, this can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. The truth however is very simple.... "You don't need us.... but you should want us!"

It is proven by many of our loyal event organisers, that with our guide, experience and expertise... you will earn more more money with us, than without us!

What can Globexpert Fundraising Offer?

It is important to remember that when hosting a fundraising event, there is never a magic wand that can be waved, ultimately it is the guests generosity that makes or breaks the event.

Fortunately, there is a lot we can suggest and offer to increase the chances of your guests parting with their hard earned cash; Simply tricks and tweaks often make a massive difference to the bottom line.


You can make a huge difference to the success of an event by implementing a strict structure and template to your events scheduling, by coordinating with us and our comperes - we will do you proud!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Book a meeting with one of our driven Fundraising Consultants.

  2. Sit down with your event host prior to the event to structure the event.

  3. Give the event a clear identity with strong roots to the Charity/Cause.

  4. Talk to Globexpert Fundraising about the range of services can offer to boost your fundraising.

  5. Sit Back, Relax and Watch all of your hard work unfold in to an excellent fundraising event.

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